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Shock Tanks

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Shock Tanks


This novelty electric shock game is like a remote control car duel only with a shocking twist. First of all, the two competitors will use R/C battle tanks instead of race cars. Second, the tanks can really fight…except they damage their owners, not each other.

Players are able to control their tanks with the remote control and fire upon each other’s tanks using an LED laser gun. The twist is that—if your tank takes damage—you feel a shock through your corresponding controller. The tanks are well-equipped for close range battles, are very maneuverable and surprisingly quick. You will have to use all of your reflexes to avoid getting shocked.


These R/C tanks have a sting in their tail, thanks to the electrifying addition of electric shock sensors on the controls.

The idea of the game is to destroy your opponents' tank without him managing to  hit yours. Should you receive a hit, you'll get a nasty electrical surprise that's not for the faint of heart. And we genuinely do mean that.

Shocking tanks has two difficulty levels: low and high. Set your tank too low and you'll receive a less than life-threatening shock when your tank receives a hit but each hit you inflict will only reduce your opponents lives by one.

Set your tank to high difficulty, however, and you'll get a proper kick-in-the-pants electric shock whenever you're hit but each hit you score removes no less than two of your opponents lives.

Do you risk a nasty shock to eliminate your opponent more quickly, or play it safe and hope you manage to score hits more quickly. Nail-biting stuff


  • Two shocking tanks with infrared guns
  • Two IR controls with shock sensors
  • Uses 6 x AA and 6 x AAA batteries (included)
  • Shocking Tanks is not suitable for epilepsy sufferers or pacemaker wearers
  • Tanks measure 30.5 x 21 x 18.5cm.

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