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CSGO Karambit Blue Spider Web Tooth Doppler Blade Counter Strike Knife

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CSGO Karambit Blue Spider Web Knive

Fixed Blade Tooth Doppler 

Overall length: 19 cm
Blade length: 9 cm
Blade Thickness: 0.7 cm
Blade material : stainless steel

Blade surface : Blue Spiderweb pattern

Handle material : polyester

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (abbreviated as CS:GO) is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation. It is the fourth game in the main Counter Strike franchise. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was released for Microsoft Windows, OS X, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 in August 2012, with the Linux version being released in September 2014.

The gameplay in Global Offensive is similar to that of the previous games in Counter-Strike series in the sense that it is an objective based  multiplayer  first-person shooter. At the start of every round players get the opportunity to purchase weapons and equipment with their money that is awarded based on their performance in the previous round.

The Karambit (also known as Kerambit) is a cosmetic knife available to players in the CSGO game and is an extremely rare item received from opening certain weapons cases.

Arguably, the Karambit is one of the most sought-out knives in the Global Offensive player community due to its sleek design and flashy animations.

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